What is Chefmade?

ChefMade is a healthy and delicious food service company in Trinidad & Tobago that focuses on making well balanced meals at an affordable price. Healthy eating is so important to both our daily lives & long term future, yet for most people access to healthy meals which are both nutritious & tasty is a challenge. 

This problem is no more as our prepared meals, developed by our team of chefs and nutritionists ensure availability of affordable, well balanced and highly delicious meals. They’re fully cooked so all you have to do is heat them up and each meal is ready to eat in only 3-4 minutes. The days of worrying about what’s for dinner or lunch are over and think of all the time you can save! 

We started ChefMade because we believe eating fresh, nutritious food should be easy for everyone on a daily basis. So we do all the hard work for you—sourcing high-quality ingredients, making sure each meal you eat is nutrient dense and packed with the good stuff, and expertly cooking your food to order so it tastes fresh and delicious.

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