What is Chefmade FIT?

ChefMade fit is a custom menu service designed specifically working together with local fitness trainers, chefs and nutritionists. There are a variety of delicious meals created to include a range of fitness diets from Low Carb, Keto & Paleo to Lean Muscle Gain with calories ranging 300 to 800 and offers the flexibility of customizing your side option selections. We've taken insight to design a fitness menu using specialist guidance from amazing local trainers and professionals.

Why ChefMade FIT?

Great Portion Sizes

Enjoy a healthy serving of Chicken, Fish, Beef or your Veggies

Wide range of healthy choices

From Low Carb & Keto options to Lean Gain muscle meals.

No commitment

You can order as you wish based on your diet needs.

Fresh & Affordable Recipes

Prepared by a team of Chefs, Trainers & Nutritionists

We have the most variety and widest range of DELICIOUS & Healthy Meals.