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Have you been searching endlessly for a way to get on top of your eating habits and finally turn the corner on a new diet? Especially as Trinidad & Tobago is officially in the swing of a full and lengthy Carnival Season. We've got a solution, and it's called ChefMade FIT - the perfect blend between diet and taste.

ChefMade FIT


What is ChefMade FIT?

ChefMade fit is a custom menu service designed specifically working together with local fitness trainers, chefs and nutritionists. There are a variety of meals created to fit a range of fitness diets from Low Carb, Keto & Paleo to Lean Muscle Gain with calories ranging 300 to 800 and offers the flexibility of customizing your side option selections. We've taken insight to design a fitness menu using specialist guidance from amazing local trainers and professionals. 


Why ChefMade FIT?

- Great Portion Sizes. Enjoy a healthy serving of Chicken, Fish, Beef or your Veggies
- Wide range of healthy choices
- No commitment. You can order as you wish based on your diet needs.
- Fresh & Affordable Recipes Prepared by a team of Chefs, Trainers & Nutritionists


So whether you are trying to get lean to showcase all your hard work in the gym, or trying to bulk up and put on those extra pounds of clean muscle, we've got great meals for you and can certainly ensure you get the maximum reward for all your dedication. Get Started Here Today




ChefMade delivers healthy & delicious gourmet meals straight to your doorstep

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