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No matter how much we may want to make healthy choices, a lot of the time, it can feel like there simply isn’t enough time. Not to worry, we'll show you how ChefMade can fit almost any lifestyle. 

ChefMade Meals

You're an Office Warrior

You work all day most days and some nights at the office if you have to. All that work work work often leads to grabbing whatever is nearby and convenient to eat which many times ends up being fast food unless of course you're blessed with a spouse or mama that still sends you a lunch box into the office (HA!) Imagine how much better it would be to simply have meals delivered to you at work carefully selected and prepped by a Chef and Nutritionist. 

You're a Super Mom

Helping with homework, picking up the kids after school, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and doing laundry all in an evenings work. (Yes sounds all too familiar right) All that and we haven't even mentioned anything about your 9 to 5 or any personal time. Don't worry, we'll stack a dozen ChefMade meals and 1 or 2 delicious dessert add ons right into your fridge so you can enjoy them at your own pace and convenience. Trust is they are there waiting on you (and they aren't cranky or crying either lol)

You're a FITness GURU

Gym Gym & more Gym. And in your free time, you're reading up on how to do better in the GYM. We know your type and we know all too well that whats most important to you is maximizing your last workout session by refueling properly and adequately at the right BUDGET. Trust us we know it gets really expensive to eat all that food and ensure the ingredients are quality and exactly what your body requires. This is where we come in. Check out our menu and have a look for our specially marked FIT meals which are calorie friendly or packed with goodness for the "bulkers" among us. 

You're a "Dedicated" Freelancer 

Many people don't realize that freelancing is one of the hardest careers. While yes you can technically set your own schedule, ultimately your clients demand work from you and meeting those demands often require late nights, all nights, weekends, and sometimes even traveling to meet them in a foreign country. Whether you are a photographer, designer, developer or blogger, work can take it's toll and can pop up at any time. You'll definitely benefit from having your fridge stocked with healthy meal options instead of always heating up ramen noodles or nearby takeout for dinner.



ChefMade delivers healthy & delicious gourmet meals straight to your doorstep

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