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Customised ChefMade Meal Plans are a perfect way to begin exploring the world of food planning and meal prepping without you doing much of the work!

ChefMade Meal Planning

1. It will dramatically save you TIME.

Let's be honest. Time is the one thing we all wish we had more of. With busy workdays, hectic family schedules and barely scraping together much needed personal time, our lives are jam packed with activities. One way to easily and quickly regain some time is via a meal planning service. ChefMade allows you to plan all your meals for the week ahead of time at the click of a button via your computer or smartphone. 

2. It will make you HAPPIER. 
One of our favorite pastimes as humans is guess what? You named it. It's eating! Eating meals we enjoy that are nutritious and healthy is scientifically proven to make us happier! Where do you sign up? Right here.

3. It's great for our SKIN. 
That's right, what we put into our bodies can directly impact the way our skin looks and glows! Eating a nice balanced diet of healthy foods is proven to improve the wellbeing of our skin, and who doesn't enjoy great smooth skin? 

4. You don't have to Grocery SHOP. 
Well technically you still have to go to the grocery for non food items, but we can cut down the amount of times we're in the grocery store each month and spend that time doing the things we love. 

5. It removes unwanted PRESSURE!
Let's face it, eating the right foods can be very difficult. There's a lot to know about which foods are good. How much of each type should you consume? What are macros? While, we can't provide a one sized fits all service for every individual, what we can do is allow you to select from a large range of delicious and healthy meals taking the pressure off of you to have to cook the perfect meal everyday or to know what to purchase. 


ChefMade delivers healthy & delicious gourmet meals straight to your doorstep

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