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Major keys to being on top of healthy eating this year. We teamed up with one of Trinidad’s finest young entrepreneurs Mrs. Anya Ayoung Chee (Currently competing on an All-Star edition of Project Runway Episodes) ensuring meals were one of the last things she had to worry about during her busy schedule. 

cANYAval ChefMade

Q. How has Carnival been for you this year? 

A. It's been great. cANYAval was officially relaunched bringing a new dynamic and trendy pieces to Monday wear and fete clothing for ladies this year. We've had a number of pop up shops and exciting activities all throughout Carnival. Check out our IG page here. It's been a hectic period as expected and ChefMade meals have been clutch when needed to ensure my health and overall eating was never compromised.

Q. What do you like most about ChefMade?

A. I would definitely have to say the best thing about ChefMade for me is the convenience. The food tastes amazing and is very affordable, but as a young entrepreneur and new mother, time is one of my most precious assets. There are just times when I really can't prepare an entire meal, and instead of purchasing fast food, knowing ChefMade is there and comes delivered directly to me has been a huge benefit. 

Q. What's been your favourite meal thus far?

A. Not sure if I could choose just one. You'd have to look at the menu and see for yourself here

Q. What's one area you think ChefMade could improve upon?

A. Telling the story of ChefMade and showing customers what goes into preparing such amazing meals. I've seen first had what running a kitchen is like and I know it takes countless hours and attention to detail that is sometimes very painful. I think ChefMade could display a new culinary content approach which really demonstrates the entire process to customers and allows real tangible education to take place.


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