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Major keys to having that Carnival ready physique this year. 

"I spend countless hours training my clients, but without the right balanced supporting diet, their efforts could be wasted... ChefMade FIT has been the perfect complement to help them with their goals."

ChefMade FIT & GURU Fitness Trinidad

We teamed up with one of Trinidad's finest fitness trainers and programs Guru Fitness, offering special and direct access of our meals to their entire team. Specially designed delicious and healthy FIT meals delivered directly to any member of the program. While providing healthy meals is our main purpose year round, it's especially rewarding to do so during this hectic Carnival season. Masqueraders are so busy preparing, fetting, and hosting thousands of international guests from throughout the world that healthy eating is usually thrown out the window and substituted by calorie heavy unhealthy meals. 

We are elated to report that this collab was more than a success and we look forward to partnering with many more amazing groups in Trinidad as we seek to make healthy eating accessible and delicious for all.  

Check out our ChefMade FIT menu and get started today by choosing from our meal Plans & Pricing. If You are a fitness coach, trainer or influencer contact us to collaborate or to create special menu items for your clients HERE


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